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11 Amazing Sweaters for Stylish Winter 2017

When winter comes and the snow falls, many of us don’t have any desire to dress fashionably. I want to put on everything that is in my closet, just to keep warm and not to get sick. But, however, not to look like an old granny I prefer to buy several knitted sweaters that will […]

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Knitted Sweater – the Best Friend In a Cold Weather.

​Today a knitted sweater or pullover has a colossal importance in the fashion world. This is not just a warm element of our wardrobe, it is an integral part of the fashionable image of every self-respecting fashionista! In this publication I offer you a selection of sweaters of various materials, colors and shapes. The majority […]

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5 Knitted Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Whether I’m going for a romantic date or just want to look super stylish during the day I prefer to wear something knitted. I’ve noticed that on these days I feel particularly special, cozy and confident at the same time.I have lots of knitted and crochet things and most of them I made by myself. […]

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