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Crochet Bikini – to be or not to be?

Crochet swimsuits remains controversial. One says they are  beautiful and fashionable another says they are so vulgar. How to Wear Crochet Bikini? If you decided to buy crochet bikini set or made it by yourself and don’t know how to wear it, you may try the following combinations:Crochet bikini + Floral beach dress;Crochet bikini + ​Boho […]

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5 Knitted Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Whether I’m going for a romantic date or just want to look super stylish during the day I prefer to wear something knitted. I’ve noticed that on these days I feel particularly special, cozy and confident at the same time.I have lots of knitted and crochet things and most of them I made by myself. […]

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