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Bowler Hat Black 100% Wool Men’s - J and P hats men’s formal hats
Wool Men’s - J and P hats men’s formal hats
Wool Men’s - J and P hats men’s formal hats

Bowler Hat Black 100% Wool men’s - J and P hats men’s formal hats

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Bowler hat  Black 100% Wool Lovely Quality Bowler hats At A Affordable Price

.The Hatters of London have been making hats since 1849, when Thomas Coke commissioned them for his gamekeepers on the Holkham Hall Estate. The first Bowler hat otherwise known as a derby hat was designed by Lock & Co., which would become known as one of England’s most important millinery houses due to this great success with its low-hanging crown and short brim protecting against tree branches knocking employees off while riding horseback around estate grounds at night time - not an easy task! It is now considered more fashionable than ever before because it protects your head from harmful elements like rain or sun but also looks stylish doing so 

famous people to wear a bowler or derby hat

include Charlie Chaplin ,Laurel And Hardy , John Cleese , 

John Steed ,Bradford and Bingley Building Society Also Has A Bowler Hat as there Logo

In the 1964 film Mary Poppins , set in London 1910, the London banker George Banks (played by David Tomlinson  wears a bowler Hat 

Cornelius Fudge in the  Harry Potter  series is frequently mentioned as wearing a bowler hat.

read the complete guide to buying a bowler hat here ( or Derby Hat ) 

Colour: Black

Black Bowler Hats or derby hat Features Are

  • 100% Wool Bowler Hat felt 
  • Lined
  • Bow detail
  • we offer fast shipping on all 

Details: Black Bowler hat Wool Felt Bowler

Sizes 56 cms 58 cms And 60 cms

brand hawkins.english bowler hats 

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