​Today a knitted sweater or pullover has a colossal importance in the fashion world. This is not just a warm element of our wardrobe, it is an integral part of the fashionable image of every self-respecting fashionista! In this publication I offer you a selection of sweaters of various materials, colors and shapes. The majority of them are handmade!

As you can see there is a huge variety of sweaters of different styles, but as for me, I like chunky sweaters in pastel tones. I feel extremely cozy in it, especially in cool weather .You always want to feel the warmth in such days .

What is more interesting, the knitted sweater is a very fashionable element of the wardrobe not only in the northern cities of our planet but also in such parts of the world as California, Italy, Spain and many other warm countries and cities.

Well, and of course, it’s very practical and convenient!

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Kristina Adams

Kristina Adams

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