Want to try your hand at knitting? That’s a fantastic idea. It’s not just an enjoyable process, but, as a result, you will get a cool unique thing. If you are a complete beginner, it’s better to start from knitting a scarf. There are many easy projects, which can be implemented into life even if you hold needles for the first time in your life.

So, let’s get started and find out how to knit a scarf if you are a newbie.

What You Need for Knitting a Scarf

knitting accessories

Clearly, in order to knit a scarf, you need yarn, needles and scissors. However, it’s convenient to have a crochet hook as well. Moreover, you may also need a hand cream.

Yarn: while choosing the yarn  for your first project, it’s better to select one solid color. Also, it’s important that you like the texture and feeling of the yarn.

Needles: knitting needles for scarf knitting can be of various sizes and materials. While choosing the proper material, you need to consider the comfort and as to the sizes, they depend on what pattern you choose.

Crochet hook: the crochet hook may help you to pick up the stitches that fall. If you are just trying to find out how to knit a scarf for beginners, it’s better to have it as you may commit some mistakes and the stitches may fall off.

Scissors: the scissors are necessary to cut the yarn. That’s why, they must be always at hand.

Hand cream: a hand cream isn’t an obligatory option, but you will need it. The yarn and wooden needles absorb the oils from your hands and they may get too dry very soon. That’s why it’s better to have a cream at hand.

How long does it take to knit a scarf? It depends on many factors. First of all, the pattern of the scarf, its width and lengths matters. Also, the type of yarn influences the speed of knitting as well as the size and material of the needles. That’s why, there is no universal answer to this question. Now, let’s move on and consider how to knit a scarf.

How to Knit a Ruffle Scarf


A ruffle scarf looks marvelous. Though this project seems to be difficult, it’s quite easy as the secret of such a great result is in the yarn. It’s a ruffle yarn by Patons Pirouette, which is made in such a way that a simple knit stitch turns it into an astonishing scarf. The best needles for this scarf knitting are the ones of size 7. So, have a look at this how to knit a scarf for beginners step by step guide:

  1. Find the end of the skein and un-double it. On the un-fuzzy side, there are spaces and knitted bits. You need to run one needle through five spaces. As a result, you have a needle, inserted back-to-front through these five spaces.
  2. Take a needle with the ready stitches in the left hand. Insert it through the front of first stitch, wrapping the next stitch around the needle and pulling it through the stitch with the help of the other needle. Now, you have one ready stitch on the right hand and four stitches on the left hand. Now, repeat the process for other stitches. Form all the rest of rows in the same way until there are between 5 and 10 loops left on the yarn.
  3. Now, you have several rows of yarn left. You need to knit two stitches until they are on the right needle. Bring the left-hand needle into the front of the stitch on the right from the right-hand needle. After that, pull the stitch up and over to the left for it to come off the needle. In such a way, it will form a loop around the needle. Repeat the actions for all the stitches, but leave a stitch on the right hand. And now, pull tight the end of the yarn through the last stitch.
  4. There is nothing difficult in how to end a knit scarf. You may leave the ends loose, but it’s better to stitch up the ends.

How to Arm Knit a Scarf


When you seek for the instructions on how to knit a scarf for beginner, you may come across some arm knitting projects. Here, it’s better to choose super bulky yarn. The guidelines below will tell you not only about scarf knitting but also how to knit a cowl scarf:

  1. Use 3 skeins of bulky yarn at the same time. Take their ends and use them as a single whole. Take the yarn over the tail and make a loop about 1.5 yards from the end. Pull the yarn through the loop and pull it tight to finish the slip knot. Place the slip knot on your right hand with the tail closer to you.
  2. While holding the top of the loop with your right hand, put your left hand through it, seizing the working yarn and pulling it through. Place the new loop over your right hand and pull the yarn and tail apart to make a tight stitch on your arm. Do the same with other stitches.
  3. 1st row: put the yarn over your right hand thumb, close your fist and pull the first stitch from your right arm over the fist. Pull the yarn through the older stitch, forming a new stitch on your left arm. Drop the older stitch. Take a new stitch using your right hand and turn the loop ½ turn, placing it on the left arm. Repeat the actions for other stitches in the row.
  4. Other rows: the 2nd row is done in the same way as row 1 but in the other direction. All the rest of rows are made similarly until you get the necessary length.
  5. When you have all the stitches on your left arm, knit two stitches to your right arm. Using your left hand, take the first stitch from the right arm and pull it over the last stitch you knitted. Repeat that for the following stitch. Now, you have two stitches on your right arm. You need to pick up the first stitch and pull it up and over the latest stitch. Now, remove the last loop from your arm. Cut the yarn, leaving some piece to seam the scarf if you need a cowl. Tighten the loop.
  6. If you need a cowl, place two ends of your scarf with the right sides up. Put the yarn underneath the first row of stitches on the right side and pull it through. Do the same for the left side. Now, weave in the ends under and over loops of the tighter side of the seam. Tuck the yarn under multiple stitches and cut the excess. Do the same with the tail.


How to Loom Knit a Scarf


A scarf can be also knitted with the help of a loom. In the majority of cases, it’s done on a rectangular loom, but we are going to show you how to knit a scarf on a round loom. In addition to yarn and a loom, you will also need a yarn needle, a loom hook and scissors.

  1. Start with a slip knot, placed on the horizontal peg or on the vertical one. Now, loop 15 pegs twice. It doesn’t matter if you do the work from right to left or vice versa.
  2. Take the bottom loops on each peg over the top, starting from the latest peg you wrapped.
  3. In case you start from the left, wrap the first peg counterclockwise and the rest of pegs clockwise, bringing the bottom yarn over on each peg. If you start from the right, everything is vice versa.
  4. Having done several rows, remove the slip knot from the peg, allowing the tail to hang freely. Continue to knit rows.
  5. It’s most probably, that one skein of yarn won’t be enough. That’s why, tie the ends of yarn ends and go on knitting.
  6. It’s recommended to finish with the yarn on the left side. Now, loop the scarf end back over pegs. It’s necessary to take the loops at the beginning of the scarf over pegs. You will need a loom hook for that.
  7. Take the bottom loops over the top in order to have only one loop on each peg. Now, you are ready for casting off.
  8. Start from the left and wrap the first peg counterclockwise and the second one clockwise. Take the bottom loops over the top loops on both pegs. Put the loop from the second peg on the first one and pull the thread. Put the bottom loop over the top one and move the lone loop to the second peg. Having wrapped the third peg clockwise, take the bottom loop over the top one and transfer it to the second peg and tighten it.Now, you need to put the loop from the second to the third peg. Repeat that for all other pegs. When you have only one peg left, wrap it and take the bottom loop over the top one.
  9. Secure the loop and weave in the loose ends.


Are you ready to start knitting right now? In case you are, choose the project you love more and follow the step by step instructions. I am sure that you will create something incredible as you already know how to knit a scarf. Moreover, later you may proceed to more complicated projects and learn how to knit a cable scarf or the one with other patterns.

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