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Most Expensive Designer Knitted Hats

Surfing the net, finding some hat inspiration I was interested in popular brands design and their cost.I decided to pic up the most expensive designer hats.Most of them are of the simple design. So why they are so expensive? Of course, because of brand name, natural materials and fur pom poms.Marc JacobsClassic Cashmere Hat made […]

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How to Choose the Best Yarn

Have you made up your mind to knit a hat? Before you start, you, first of all, need to select the best yarn for knitting hat. It’s rather easy if you know everything about what types of yarn exist and what each of them is used for. If you are a beginner, I will be […]

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The Best Knitted Hat Patterns

Are you preparing for the cold weather? Have you already chosen the proper hat? If no, I’d like to be your assistants in that. Knitted hats are the most popular variants of headdresses for men, women and children. We love them for their comfort, warmness, universality and, of course, for cool designs and patterns.There are […]

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25 Fantastic Knitted Hat Designs for Men, Women and Kids

Do you have a knitted hat? Almost all of us will give a positive answer to this question. While choosing the one, we first of all think about its warmness and coziness. But one more thing is extremely important. It’s the hat design. A knit hat doesn’t only protect from cold but may also serve […]

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