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The ultimate guide to buying a Panama hat

If you're in the market for a Panama hat, there are a few things you need to know before buying. With so many different styles and prices available, it can be tricky to figure out which hat is right for you. This guide will help make the process easier, so you can find the perfect Panama hat for your needs.
Here We Answer Some Questions About Panama Hats 

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Where Did Panama Hats Originate 

The original Panama hat was designed by a BritishLady, Miss Evershed and first patented in 1879. It became very popular among European men because it offered them greater comfort during wet weather conditions while keeping their heads cool on hotter days with its absorbent material that could be easily removed when not needed to avoid spoilage due shortage of space inside helmets at time . The United States military took interest too which led this style being used extensively throughout Latin America prior joining together under one government system -The Americas-, giving birth count many countries today who proudly wear these classic hats as national dress!

Why Is It Called A Panama Hat 

The Panama Hat is named after the country of origin-Panama. The word “panam” means both hat and spouse in Spanish, so this type ouf clothing was meant to be worn by people who wanted their spouses seen with them while out doing public business or attending social events like weddings (1).
The first reference I found about these hats used as merely fashionable items occurred around 17th century England when they were referred too humorously because many wore them at court despite being considered improper attire for someone other than royalty(2) . It wasn't until later on did we learn how cleverly ironic such fashion choice could actually Be a great traveling hat as it was able to roll up small and fit in a suitcase 

                  Panama hats - j and p hats

What Is A Genuine Panama Hat 

Panama hats are a classic accessory for the modern man. The Genuine Panama Hat is made of 100% 

The Panama hat is made from toquilla straw

Toquilla straw comes from the leaves of the toquilla palm, whose scientific name is “carludovica palmata”. The plant is grown on the Ecuadorian coast, mainly in the province of Manabí

while there are many copy’s of Panama hats and many straw hats are referred to as Panama hats a authentic Panama hat can only be called this if they originate  in Ecuador where they are still made to this day.

                      Panama hats - j and p hats

Can You Fold A Panama Hat 

Yes You can Roll A Panama Hat up Carefully Bur Beware you Folding Panama hat Should Not Be folded, scrunched up or mistreated. Such treatment will soon cause the straw to crack and damage the weave

Folding a Panama hat is an easy way to pack some sun protection for your head. While you are on your travels The best part about wearing one? It's perfect if you're going out on the town 

Why You Should Buy A Panama Hat .

Panama hats are a great investment, and with the right care, and rolled in the correct way they can last you for years and years . If you’re looking to buy a quality Panama hat that will last long and look good, be sure to check out our selection here at J and p hats . Thanks for thanks for reading 



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